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Tours with Passion - Tours with Joy

If you’re interested in a different type of tour, filled with meaning, wisdom, excitement and joy look no further!
Check out my current tour plans/feel free to get in touch and we can brainstorm about creating a tour which is perfect for you! 

A bit about me

Licensed Tour Guide/Educator/Bar Mitzvah Guide

I genuinely love meeting and learning people from all over the world, and I make it my mission to provide memorable and meaningful tours and experiences for my clients.

Have been working in Jewish Education for over a decade.

 Tour Guide with the Kotel Tunnels in 2018 and have

been loving it ever since.

When I’m not busy guiding, I spend time studying Torah, hosting Shabbos meals,  hanging out with my amazing wife and playing a lot of ultimate frisbee!

 Take a look at what I offer and get in touch if you would like to work with me. I can’t wait to show you the world as I see it.

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Ibex and bird

Half Day Tours:
Generally Run Up to 4 Hours
275 Dollars Per Group 

Full Day Tours:
    500 Dollars Per Group
10+ people equals
 +50 dollars a Tour
What's not included in the Price?

A: Entrance Fees

B: Driver Rates: No Drivers necessary for Jerusalem Walking Tours, but a driver and minibus will usually be necessary for tours outside of Jerusalem.
On average (it depends on the season) a driver of a minibus will charge 300 Shekel an hour.

C: Tips are (obviously) not included nor required but certainly appreciated....assuming I do a good job!!!

Note: Prices may slightly fluctuate based on a large group of people/Chol Hamoed and being Hazmanim time periods.

Shoot me an email ( or a WhatsApp and we can nail out details...

Often several sites can be combined for a full day expedition

Payment Options:

A) Cash is great!

B) Bank Transfers are good.
I have 'Zelle' if you need to send to an American account.

C) Israeli Money transfer app's like "Bit" or "Paybox" are great.

D) Checks are fine.

E) Paypal works.
But I have to add an extra 6% to the prices listed, as paypal takes a 'cut'.

Yes, you can pay on the day of the tour, and I can usually find us an ATM if necesary.

Tour Pics and Testimonials


Kalman's (Keith's) excitement is contagious as he tells over the history of his people behind every stone. His sense of humor and general positive demeanor makes his tours a really unique and fun unique experience. He adds such a personal touch with stories tucked in here and there. I feel like any place he took us will be a completely different experience. Highly reccomended'


That walk was inspring! The stories and sites made the Old City's history come to life by connecting Jewish tradition, archeological findings, holy scripts, struggles of the past and the vibrant modern day Jewish life in the Old City. H eshowed us hidden gems off the beaten track and told us about lesser known events and legends around well known sites as well.

Sarah Black

What a fun time we had with Kalman! He really made the Bar Mitzvah experience meaningful and fun!

Shlomo Silver

Worth every shekel! Brought Jerusalem alive!

Ted Kronkin


12 Saadiah Hagaon, Rechavia, Jerusalem

+972-53-279-2613 (WhatsApp)

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