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Kotel Tunnel Tour

Discover the magic and mystery of the Kotel tunnels! See Details regarding Tour Options

  • 2 hours
  • 500 Shekel a Tour
  • Jerusalem

Service Description

You can choose either the "Classical Tour" or the new Great Bridge Tour. I've given hundreds of these tours and thank G-d my clients generally walk away feeling like "Wow, that was special!" Here's the thing: The Kotel Tunnel only allows you to book a private tour if you pay for their entrance fee: So there are 2 options: Option A: You pay for the tunnels entrance fee and for me as your private tour guide: This will cost 1500 shekel for your party (no matter what size) and I'll give you a private tour and an extra hour outside the kotel tunnels. Option B: You pay for me as your guide, I will then sign your party up for a public tour, with other tourists, and then give your party an extra hour outside of the tunnels in the Old city: 850 Shekel. Either way, since I am working with the Kotel tunnels people I need to ask for permission from them to do the tour, so advanced notice is very helpful. And I'll get back to you as soon as possible. By the end of the tour, you'll see the western wall and Jerusalem in a whole new way! I'll also hapillly throw in some additional elements which you wouldn't have time to see on the regular tour.

Contact Details

  • Western Wall, Jerusalem

    +972-53-279-2613 (WhatsApp)

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